The Himalayas

The Himalayas is a massive mountain range that was formed millions of years ago separating the plains of the Tibetan Plateau and the Indian subcontinent.

This mountain range has many of the world’s highest peaks, including the Highest, Mount Everest, which is nestled between Nepal and China.

The starting point for most trekkers, including myself, is Nepal.

Nepal is a vibrant and ancient country that is not only landlocked, but is constantly at the mercy of these mountain rangers and the climate they drive.

As is always said “the mountains make their own weather” and this is so true having experienced this phenomenon personally.

Despite this, millions of people from around the world travel to Nepal and embark on expeditions to see this amazing place, not only for a glimpse of the majestic views that is the Himalayas, but also the beautiful cultural experience that Nepal has to offer.

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