My Himalayan Journey

For many years I’ve been wanting to go to Nepal and trek the himalayas, but the timing never seemed right.

In 2015 i finally had the opportunity to go and after 6 months of training and planning I boarded the plane and flew into Kathmandu.

After my first trip I was so in love with the Mountains that I went again in 2017 and 2019 and during these time I did the 3 High Passes and EBC.

My first port of call is Kathmandu, and what an eye opener Kathmandu was, Just total harmonic chaos that activated all your senses.

Kathmandu Experience

Streets of Kathmandu

The Flight to Lukla Airport

After spending a couple of nights in Thamel which is the hub for all tourists I made my way to Kathmandu airport for the flight to Lukla airport…. also known to be one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

Being at the Airport was an experience in itself, there is no apparent order to it but somehow it all works.

The plane I boarded was a small 12 seater and to be honest I was very anxious about it.

Nonetheless I swallowed my fear and boarded the plane that would allow me to start my long awaited trekking adventure

The Journey Begins

As it turned out apart from being a little noisy and bumpy it all went smoothly and landed safely on the very short inclining runway at Lukla Airport.

From there I grabbed my 25 kg backpack and started the journey into the Himalayas.

My first port of call was a little village called Phakding. This is about 3 hours walk for Lukla, and its mainly down hill.

I stayed in a little Tea house that had a wonderful common room with a Yak Dung Pot Belly heater.

The room was a small plywood room that retained no heat and was extremely cold during the night, but between my sleeping bag and bed sheets I managed to get quite cosy.

This isn’t so bad I thought to myself, oh how wrong I was.

The sights and sounds all around me was amazing, the height of the mountains were staggering, especially coming from Australia.

Onwards and Upwards

The Next day was the first test of my fitness and a real insight of what’s to come, the hike up to Namche Bazaar.

Namche Bazaar which sits at 3,500 m is the staging point for expeditions to Everest and other Himalayan peaks in the area. It has developed into a small, colorful market town selling everything from Tibetan artifacts to trekking and climbing equipment and everything you might need during your trip.

It is a historic trading hub, famous for its homemade yak cheese and butter, Namche is situated on the slope of an arch-shaped mountain, with amazing views of giant Himalayan peaks from anywhere in the valley. 

The Hike up to Namche which is approx 8 km and 1000 meters higher is a strenuous but stunning walk.

With many suspended bridges including the new bridge that is seen in the movie, Everest.

New entry into Namche Bazaar

The Three High Passes

After Acclimatizing at Namche Bazaar for a Couple of Days I began what would be my Toughest and awe inspiring trek along the Three High Passes Route Via Everest Base Camp.

The Everest Three Pass Trek consists of crossing three high altitude passes, namely, Renjo La Pass (5,465m), Cho La Pass (5,420m) and Khongma La Pass (5,535m).

There was some very long days (9 hours) and strenuous accents, thank god I did some fitness training and acclimatised correctly.

This trek to me is definitely the definitive Khumbu region trek for the adventure seeking trekkers.

From the top of the Renjo La Pass which sits at 5,464m, provides views of Everest that is unsurpassed anywhere else. There are also spectacular views of Gokyo Lake.

At 5420m Chola Pass is formed between the snowcapped summits of Lobuche and Cholatse The steep climb is not only challenging but there is icy glaciers in parts but from the summit, from the summit is a spectacular views of Ama Dablam.

Kongma La Pass is more of a precarious struggle as there is a large amount of skittering stones’. The route takes you across a glacier and glacier-fed river and the climb up to the pass at 5,535m was the highest point of my trek.

From the top of the pass you see Lhotse and Makula as well as the turquoise lakes below

From there you head out to Everest Base Camp via Gorak Shep and Kalapathar which is also a great vantage point to see mount Everest, Especially in the early morning where the sunrays tun everest into an orange glow.

A few Videos and Photos to Inspire you

Some Himalayan Videos

Small Video Highlights

Final Thoughts

It is never too late to realise your dream and head into the mountains, and the grandest mountains lay in the Himalayas.

It is not only the scenery that you will find awe inspiring, but also the people of Nepal, they have so little yet they are so happy, so helpful and always generous.


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